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Ship meme. Day 30 - Your favorite ship forever and ever and ever?

Well, we reached the end of this wonderful ship meme, and I'm a bit teary-eyed because it's been awesome, even if some of the questions were very tricky and at the end I kinda messed up the time posting because RL was overtaking over. There's no need to tell you what will be the pairing for the last (official) question of the meme. See you on the other side, fellow Shipper Club.

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And for today is everything, lads and gents! It's almost 1 am, and I'm approaching to see Single Father with David Tennant (already took the napkins) and then the premiere of SJA, just to relax after the drama of the first one. G'night you all! <3
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Ship meme. Day 29 - What ship had the best proposal?

I hated and still hate this question. Shipping is about love not about weddings, ugh. I really don't care if one of my pairings actually get married or not, what I really need is a solid relationship. So I've never given importance to proposals, and the result is I don't remember a favourite one, just because I don't remember any of them!

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I can't believe I've just answered this question. Even if it's not a couple I feel very attached to. Now I can get dress for cinema tonight. I don't really know what it's about, I just know there's Blake lively in it. If she dies, in my mind I could totally see Serena Van Der Woodsen dying in front of my eyes, YES!
Doctor, you and me through time and space

Ship meme. Day 28 - A pairing that you will never understand?

I sort of messed up a little in the last entry because I blabbered about not having an answer when I thought the question was about the proposal. Actually it was the not-understand-this-couple, that was kinda easy. I’m in trouble for the question of today, which I hope I’ll post later, before going out again. Still don’t know the pairing, though. UGH.

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Now I’ll try to watch Merlin and maybe a couple of Castle episode from season 3. I’ve just finished the premiere, and I was kinda relieved because they looked to be back at their routine. I was depressed yesterday, when I finished to watch the second season.
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Ship meme. Day 27 - A pairing that you loved and ended up hating?

And we're approaching to the end of the ship meme D: and the worst of it it's that I still miss the answer for the question of TOMORROW! Damn, I have no recollections of weddings in my shows, and I hardly found that one in Doctor Who for that other question about the best wedding. Meh. I suppose tomorrow I'll scroll again the list of the shows I watch/watched to see if there's something I can use. For today, I'll bring again up the Lost fandom.

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Gotta go now. No party at my place, but planned meet with the others outside! Nighty night, peeps!
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Ship meme. Day 26 - A pairing that you hated and ended up loving?

Okay, I didn't hate this pairing, it just bored me. Mostly, I disliked the guy, while I loved her. In the last season of this show I loved them together. Yeah, even at the end of the season before the last one.

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I'm a bit sleepy but I want to watch Hellcast before going to bed! Then tomorrow and saturday I'll have the house ONLY FOR ME, because for the first time ever, no one will be around! Hope someone will come to make me company. It could be a perfect time for a party!
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Ship meme. Day 25 - A pairing that was/would be adorable, but could never work out?

Here we go with answer number 25! A couple I've learnt to love step by step! They came so naturally to me, and I ship one member of the ship with another character before!

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... and today I finally asked to a professor of mine if he was okay with me writing my post graduation thesis about Lost and he said YES! Quoting a great, beautiful, kick-ass blonde "Now we're in trouble, and it's only just the beginning."
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Ship meme. Day 24 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly?

*ohnoes The questions which have still no answer for me are approaching. *trembling. Let's go on with the ones that I found easy.

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Really quick entry today, I just watched HIMYM and now I need to catch up with the teen drama family (and have a good laugh at them!) Maybe tonight I'll try to end the second season of Castle, I hate being late with that show!
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Ship meme. Day 23 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out great?

Guh, I squelaed over them for the whole episode where this OT3 starred. Okay, it didn't involve an actual relationship, but man, it was love!

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Gotta run now. I have to buy a couple of thins at the market and now it'd be perfect since it looks like it's not raining. See you tomorrow with another OT3 that didn't end well!
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Ship meme. Day 22 - A pairing you hate and no one else understands why?

This one was one of the hardest to pick. It's literally impossible that one pairing has no followers. I actually had to scroll down the list of all the shows I've watched during my whole life to spot one uncommon couple I disliked/didn't care too much while the world was flailing about them. And I chose one tv show I watched not because I liked it with all my heart, but because I had to.

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And that's all for today! I was meant to be at Romics even today, but on Sunday there were less train to go to the place, and we risked to be left over there without anyone to pick us up, so we stayed at home, and I watched Merlin with Muriel. OMG the OT3 was pretty awesome, so bad Gwaine was not in the main cast! Maybe next season, please? XD It was hilarious that we were still dressed as 11 and Amy, I also had my fez on the head, I was eating jellybabys like 4, and I carried a banana from home for later and it was in my jacket, like 9/10 LOL! In the afternoon I fell asleep for like an hour. Weee, it was since last summer I didn't take a nap during the day!
It&#39;s a brand new day, 11/Amy, DW

Romics 2010!

Just a little break from the ship meme to update my flist about the Romics. For those who don't know what I'm talking about (and that's because you've skipped my previous 3-4 entries where I mentioned it!) it's like a sort of Comic Con in Rome. But with more comics (especially manga), cartoons and videogames and less tv shows D:

This morning I woke up at 8.30 (which is kind of a new thing for me, you know, it's Saturday, FFS!) and went straight away to Muriel's place. The hair thing was not very succesfull, I looked like an idiot, but at least I parted my hair on the side. We took a train to go there, and it took almost 1 hour D: I didn't have a ticket, because it was like a ghost train station (it wasn't the central one. We were at the Nomentana one), so there weren't ticket machines nor thingies to obliterate. Lucky me, there weren't inspectors.

Anyway, on the train a huge nerd boy sit behind Muriel's seat, and it was dressed as Peg Leg Pete, and he addressed me saying "Oh, the Doctor!" I've been very happy that someone had recognized me so soon. We chatted a little about the fact probably no one else would have known me because the show is not famous in Italy. We arrived there, and there was a huge queue! We spotted a shorter queue for cosplayers, and we slipped there. There was a couple in front of us, and I had seen the boy in the face and he was very pale. I whispered to Muriel something "Oh god, tell me they're not Edward and Bella!". Then when it was their turn to identify themselves the girl jumped on the back of the boy 8(like the wood scene) and took an apple from her backpack! LMAO they actually were Edward and Bella! I laughed my ass off, because they weren't those kind of obsessed Twilight-fan people, they didn't take themselves seriously. When they passed with the reduced ticket, "Bella" also ate her apple! I wanted a picture with them, but I was too shy to ask them. When it was our turn, the guy asked us, without looking who we were, and I replied "I'm the Doctor. From Doctor Who!" and, while saying that, I whirred my sonic screwdriver. He then looked up and said "I bloody love you", he came out from his desk to hug me. LMAO!

We hanged out there for a couple of hours, we saw Disney princesses but not as awesome as those ones in San Diego. There was a cute Belle and I wanted a picture, but she disappeared while I was finishing my pizza. There were people cosplaying Pokemon who actually engaged Pokemon battles with their puppets (!), a lot of Jedis and Padawans, we met again with Pete, who asked me 'how are the Daleks?', a lot of Sailor Senshi, etc. There was also Mary Oyaya, meeting the fans. I've never watched the Clone Wars, but she's part of the Star Wars verse, so she gained a picture I took from far. The only sci-fi things were Star Wars related, so I clinged at them for a while, cause it was one of the few things I knew more in there. They selled also lightsabers, but the cheapest costed 150 € D: We'll go back tomorrow to see if there's something new and other funny cosplayers to spot :D

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