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Hello again, been busy. Done a photoshoot.

And today I remembered I had done a pro photoshoot about two months ago. Every time I end up writing something here it's always weird and out of the ordinary, but I guess it's what journals are supposed to be for = accounts of everything weird happening in your life.

Anyway, the thing is that lately it happened to me, more than once, to appear in short movies, not as the main character of course, since I've never acted before. Just little things here and there. Cue to the awesome Edgar Allan Poe picture someone took while I was filming.

[Edgar Allan Poe still.]

Then (cliché warning!) I visited a friend of mine on set. She was there as producer assistant, or something, for a full lenght movie, and they were filming near my university (where I actually was having lunch), so I dropped by to say hello. They were filming a scene, and the director called my friend. She went there, and after a while, she came back saying that the director asked her who I was, and that he liked me and wanted me to do something in the movie. There was this scene whit two janitors, pretty ordinary ones, and he added a third janitor (played by me) a bit mould-breaker. Anyway, I've got something like 2 minutes of screen time, but I learnt, afterwards, that people doing this kind of things, are paid something like 500 euros. In this case it was like a favour to this friend of mine, but then it occured me the idea of looking for this little "jobs" to raise a little something on my own, waiting for my big break (in the writing).

So I contacted an agency, suggested by this friend of mine already working on sets, and I registered there. I've got this sort of contract for one year, they've done this photoshoot, and they'll look for something to do for me. In exchange I gave them the 10% out of my earnings. Pretty honorable. Let's hope they're gonna call me soon, because I NEED MONEY. Let's hope also I never meet weird people wanting me to do... stuff. Because, ew.

Anyway, here's the (best) pictures. I don't really like them, I've got other pictures of me way better. But, still. It's their job, so, c'mon.

[Pretty Pictures!]
Marco Borromei (1)

Marco Borromei (3)

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