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Meanwhile, in the Seven Kingdoms.

Today I finsihed A Clash of Kings on the train back to Rome, and I was all UGLY SOBBING at the last chapter, in front of all the other passengers. Well, who cares. For the first time (out of two, lol) I ended a GRRMartin book and THE FOLLOWING ONE IS NOT IN MY POSSESSION. D: I wanted to share a couple of thoughts, then I went to my uni website and found out the actual date of my graduation and I'm in a freeze/shock/shitless scare-state since then. As in, 30 minutes ago. Ahem, anyway, I'm gonna blabber something, maybe I'll distract myself, and I'll be able to fall asleep and not spend a whole night awake in agony. I am still free from devastating deaths foreseen by pookieandpookie. Except the last one. Oh, and now, everytime I listen to Flo's songs, I see music video of GoT. It's awesome. lol. Anyway. BULLET POINTS.

. Still not over the fact Dany had something like 5-6 chapters in the whole book! I'm wondering if in S2 they'll be able to cover her story in a decent number of episodes. I mean. What happens to her can be summarized in a span of 5 episodes...? That would mean no Dany for half season, and I'll probably die. Unless they tell her adventures in a very relaxed way (and let her spend like 3 episodes in the desert... GOD I HOPE NOT), or make little things up just for the telly = underline the Dany/Jorah thing, pwetty please? Or. They could start to tell things of her from Book 3, like they did with the last scene of Arya in GoT S1, when Yoren takes her and she has her hair cut, and meets Gendry and the others and she has to hide Needle. That's the first chapter of Book 2. Anyway, I loved her scene with the Maegi, where she had all those visions. AND THE SONG OF ICE AND FIRE ONE CREEPED ME OUT. LIKE A LOT. And Drogon kicked some Maegi ass like there's not tomorrow, oh yes. I didn't like the fact she put a price to one of her dragons, even if it's something that sounds impossible (one third of the ships of the world). If it's said, it means something, and I don't like it. I don't want the dragons being separeted, I want them well, alive, and in company of their mother and brothers. *sighs I enjoyed even the mission at the market, when Dany and Jorah pretended to fight prices with the merchant and in the meantime they were looking at their followers and whispering each other some super secret attack plan. IT WAS ALIAS ALL OVER AGAIN. I don't trust the new guys, anyway.

. ARYA STARK LORD OF HARRENHAL NOW. All the Weasel soup plan was one of the coolest thing of the book, and the fact everyone in the castle knew it was her who literally took the castle was even beyond awesome! :D I love how clever she is in not telling her true identity to the first Lord she meets, even if it's a northern one. AND JAQEN H'GHAR, OMG. Jaqen/Arya = BFF!! I want to know the use of the coin with those words (I don't want to believe the only purpose was distracting the guard to flee). Speaking of which, Arya is almost a proper knight now. She's brave and she's not afraid of killing someone if she had to. GO TO RIVERRUN HONEY, MAMA WAITS FOR YA. I'm glad Gendry and Hot Pie went with her, though. And I'm waiting for her reunion with Nymeria. I half expected the thing happening in this book, since she was near the place where she left her, and there were wolves riots all around.

. The last Sansa's chapters. THE LAST SANSA'S CHAPTERS *FLAILS. I think I want have sex with the one with her and Cersei locked inside the castle, while outside there were the fightings, and have children with it. OH GOD. DRUNK!CERSEI TREATHENING SANSA BECAUSE SHE PREFERS HAVING HEADS CHOPPED OFF THAN LOSING A WAR. And all those chats about periods, awkwaaaard. Poor Sansa. She wanted to set afire everything she stained with blood. And she was all YAY when Joffrey accepted Margaery as his new betrothed, but pretended to appear sad because Cersei didn't want his son to be mocked. LITTLE BIRD!!! God, THAT CHAPTER! When she found the Hound in her bed, THE SEXUAL TENSION WAS KILLING ME. There was more UST in that chapter than in all the meetings she had with Ser Dontos and all his stupid kisses, blah. I don't trust him either, though. I will sort of miss the tension between her and Cersei (becausa Sansa will run away, RIGHT?). The way they talked each other... argh. AND JOFFREY HURT BY THE IRON THRONE. LOLFOREVAH. And she cried for her mum later, ahah. SHURUP JOFF, LET YOUR GRANDPA RULE THE KINGDOM WHILE YOU'RE AWAY.

. I still can't hate Theon Greyjoy. I like him as a character, he's well written and he has an interesting backstory and characterization. I can relate to his desire of prove himself. He just wants to let his father sees how valiant and brave he is. The fact he's doing it totally wrong is another matter. :P He's one of the good guys, deep down. He has nightmares after taking Winterfell, c'mon guys. And he was to the point of yielding (I'm learning a lot of new words reading GRRMARTIN. Betrothed, yielding...) and join the Night Watch and then, BAM. All ruined because of Reek. OH GOD POOR RODRIK CASSEL. DDD: And I think I made some noise aloud when maester Luwin was hit with the spear in the back. GODS Y U SO CRUEL?? Anyway, I was scared for Theon's safety, and feared his death by the end of Book 2. His fate is currently unknown to me, so I'll see it soon-ish. I won't let him die without a meet with Robb. I want those two together again. And I want Robb to take Theon as his Queen in the Norf. This is the only slash couple I'll allow myself, okay? :P

. Bran, thank god you opened your third eye, at last. It was time, I was growing tired of your complainings about this and that. Meh. And now he can do it, he plays with it a little too much. Anyway, I cried reading the last chapter. Winterfell in ruins (but not destroyed, only broken. ALL MY CREYS.), the Starks divided, also the wolves. And the chat with dying maester Luwin in the godswood with Bran crying all his creys. BOO-OOH. SOMEONE HOLD ME.
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