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In a dark and stormy afternoon...

Ngggggggggggggggh. I'm halfway thtough the reading of A Clash of Kings and I feel already under pressure because I'll probably finish it before going back to Rome, and I won't read it on the train back. DDD: Random thoughts, possibly spoilers, the usual blah blah. I'm up to a Catelyn chapter when she was with Renly and Stannis trying to avoid war between them (unsuccesfully).

. I'm picturing Melisandre as Florence Welch, and she would have been perfect for the role. Too bad she's been already cast. "Bad" is just a way of saying something, since I've just imdbed the one who's gonna be actually her and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, SHE HOT.

. SANSA, Y U SO PERFECT. I love her chapters, I love her POV, and I ship her with the Hound, I don't care she feels disgust whenevr he's around, he's so in need of cuddles and she's a proper lady. GO AWAY STUPID FORMER KNIGHT, he's just using songs as example of their situation just to win Sansa's heart. Thank god Joffrey is always away playing with crossbows. Blah.

. Poor sweet Cersei. <3 My heart shrunk when she was with Tyrion in her bedchamber, and they were laughing because of Stannis attacking Renly instead of King's Landing. Tyrion thought something like "I wonder if this is the Cersei Jaime loves", because she was genuine, happy, lovable. Tyrion saw a glimpse, for a couple of seconds, of her true self, without the schemings, the plotting, the fear of losing everything.

. I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE ARE ONLY TWO DAENERYS CHAPTERS IN 400+ PAGES. I want to die. I died when she realized Jorah is in love with her, and she keeps killing me with her thoughts about the not-gonna-happen of the thing. AND SHE KEEPS KISSING HIM ON HIS CHEEKS. *dies inside endlessly.

. I loved the last chapter I read about the meeting between Renly and Stannis. They're so different and they'd be very different kings as well, even thouhg I'd prefer Renly, with all his "Squeeee, let's play some tournament! I've a big bright rainbow kingsguard and superfancy clothes! I offer my brother a peach while talking about murdering each other!". He's supercamp and I love him. xD Stannis is more boring and serious, and now he's got all this superserious new religion which looks like a bad and fanatic version of Catholicism.
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