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Look, an Apollo candybar!

Most recent comments by friends and a lot of thinking by me brought me to the conclusion that Once Upon A Time is more similar to Lost than we thought (or I thought). Of course all of this is spoiler till episode 1x07, so be careful to read more.

Putting aside all the clear references, like the whisky, the Apollo candybars, the number of Regina's house (108), all the structure of the series works exactly like the last season of Lost. We have flashsideways of the main characters, we know the they have another life (in this case in their past, in Lost in a very long future, through another post-death dimension) and they're not aware of the thing. The sheriff became aware of his past life the moment he kissed Emma = Lost! When did they know what was happening in the FS? The moment they felt love/fear of death.

Also. We sort of have centred episodes like in Lost. One episode = one fairytale/character. And what happened in the last episode? It was Huntsman/Sheriff-centric, AND HE DIED. Wonder where I've already seen this. :P And Emma. She sort of acts like Kate, always on the run, fear of falling in love with someone... They're not very alike, they're totally different, but Emma, somehow, reminds me of Kate.

Mindufckery thoughts of the night, I had to share this with someone.
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