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Hear me Roar!

Argh, I don't want to finish A Game of Thrones before my copy of A Clash of Kings arrives! It feels like a drug addiction, and I don't even remember when I felt this way for a book (series). I feel relieved because I still have a lot to read, with books of over 900 pages, on the other side I'm perplexed because I don't want to read anything else aside ASOIAF, and I still have a bunch of other books I bought ages ago and that are still untouched on my shelves. Guilty, but I don't care, because I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. It's odd that I started reading A Game of Thrones last september, and - meanwhile - I was busy with my graduation thesis. I finished to write it around the end of november, and till that day, I had struggled to reach page #300-something. In less than two weeks I almost finished AGOT, reading the other 500 pages in such a short time.

A couple of thoughts, obviously spoiler for anyone who didn't read book 1 of ASOIAF or didn't watch season 1 of Game of Thrones: I almost cried when they killed Eddard. It was weird reading about it from Arya's point of view (then from someone in the crowd) when we saw the scene both from her POV and from the "stage" in the tv show. It was almost like hearing Sansa screaming hysterically. And Sansa, oh, how I love her. I always enjoy reading her chapters, and at the end she's so kick-ass that it's impossible to do not love her. She has this way of mocking Joffrey that makes me giggle and feel proud at the same time. I really hope that she'll be the one that will kill off Joffrey (because he has to die sooner or later, I hope very soon), in some merciless way. I'm undecided between her and Cersei. That would be even more awesome. Been killed by his own mother. I really hope it's gonna be a woman. A woman has to take his life and he must beg on his knees, like that time when Arya won over him in the duel by the river. I hope that was some kind of foreshadowing of what could happen next. I'd be glad even if it's Arya to kill him. Okay, one thing is clear: I want Joffrey dead.

I'm pretty excited even for Daenerys. I've got this big plans in my mind for her, and I hope I won't be disappointed. She'll have three fucking dragons with her (still not read that part, since I think it's the last chapter?), and I hope she's gonna literally fly to the Seven Kingdoms like her Targaryen ancestors did when they conquered everything.
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