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Fringe 4x07 - Random thoughts.

I needed to vent this and Twitter isn't enough to express my joy. OMFG OLIVIA/LINCOLN IS CANON. I haven't felt this way for a ship since the Jacket days in Lost. You know, I used to ship Jack and Juliet back in season 3/4 of Lost, despite the fact I perfectly knew Jack and Kate were meant to be. I was aware I was rooting for the wrong couple, but the emotions that Jack and Juliet gave me were soooooo right, maybe even because I knew I was going to suffer for not seeing my ship actually happening.

... okay, we all know how I switched in a nanosecond from being Jacket to being Suliet. That Fray/Lost promo with You Found Me and all the fire arrows attack and the holding hands totally got me even before the proper beginning of season 5. Ahem, back in the Fringe topic.

They killed me on the spot with that scene in the diner at the beginning. Two poor desperate souls, wandering in the cold night of the city. The coffee. The talk. Olivia should have grab Lincoln's hands, but no, maybe too soon. The scene were Peter and Licoln were talking about Olivia = I was totally embarassed for them. It was like Kate and Juliet trying to avoid girl-talking-about-men (and with men I mean Jack and Sawyer, of course) when they were playing mechanics at Dharmaville in the 70s. PETER, DON'T EVENT RY TO TAKE THE HIPSTER AWAY FROM LEE. I HATE THOSE NEW SPECTACLES.

I want moar Fringe now. And I want moar Olivia/Lee. And I will be highly disappointed if, somehow, the Amberverse will be retconned, maybe just after Olivia and Lee get together. Just wait and see. My heart won't be capable to handle all of this.
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