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Trying to end the hiatus of this LJ writing about a weird dream I had last night. I was in London with the Scoobies, and I remember BhMh was wearing something very very girl-ish, like a pink summer dress. I was shocked and I mocked her. She was saying she had lost her suitcase at the airport and then I felt bad because of the mocking. The setting changed from London to some futuristic place and Claudia from Warehouse 13 was with us. I didn't remember the details, I just know we were on a sort of mission and we split up, too bad I don't know who my partner was. Anyway, I got caught by someone, and at the same time I had a whole vision of what was happening to Claudia, who was with a boy, and they were trying to save Ariosto's life (Italian poet from XV century), and I get that we were actually in a sort of steampunk-ish Renaissance past and not in the future. Ariosto was actually a woman in her 50s, and she was trying to suicide herself. The boy talked to her and he threw his teddy bear in shifting sands that were in front of him, just to communicate a notion I couldn't understand back then (and that I don't get even right now).
Tags: dreams, scoobies, tv shows
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