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Warehouse 13 fanfiction - You'll never be alone

Title: You'll never be alone
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Pairing/Characters: Claudia. Bits of Leena
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 999 (W)
Summary: Claudia is in charge of the Warehouse, while Artie and Pete are away.
Notes: Set a couple of months after the finale of season 2.

She was asleep in her bed, but she was definitely having a bad dream. She was sweating, and her breathing was more accelerated. Suddenly she woke up. She looked everywhere, checking where she was. Still her bed, still her room. She could see the light of the moon penetrating the curtains. She calmed down, but she wasn’t okay. She was almost in tears. She fell on her back, with a grunt. She knew she had done with the sleeping, because lately, every time she had nightmares, she wasn’t able to sleep again. She tried to focus on the good things that happened in her life recently. But those belonged to the past now. Claudia was passing a rough time, and the result was the lack of sleeping. She put the pillow on her head, forcing herself to sleep again.

Leena was carrying a tray with pancakes. They had maple syrup on, Claudia’s favourite side. She usually fought with Pete to had more syrup, but the dining room of the B&B was empty, except for Leena and Claudia, who was still half asleep in her PJ. She mumbled something which looked like a good morning to Leena, before jumping on her breakfast.
“How did you spend the night?” Leena asked.
“The usual” Claudia answered, spitting pieces of pancakes all over the table.
“Not sleeping well and counting sheep. Sometimes I’ve tried to include coyotes chasing them, y’know, to speed the thing up.”
Leena smiled “You should try to meditate with me before going to bed. It’ll help you.”
“I don’t think it’d work – Claudia cut off – I’m not really into meditation. I prefer relax myself listening to some Celtic stuff in my iPod. Hey! This could be the reason why all those sheep and coyotes were wearing kilts last night!”
Leena squeezed Claudia’s arm “Maybe you can stay here for a while. Pete and Artie will be away for another couple of days and there’s no emergency to take care of. You could rest yourself and I can take your place, just in case they’ll need some technical help.”
“No way! – Claudia stood up and picked her leather jacket from the hat stand. She wasn’t even realizing she was still in her night clothes – I need to go to the Warehouse. It’s my lifeline right now!” She was about to rushing off, but Leena stopped her.
“It’s all right, honey. I was only suggesting a break. But if you wanna go, you’re free. I’ll take you your lunch later, okay?”
Claudia realized she was in the middle of storming off and she apologized. “I’m sorry, Leena – she said – but only my work there can distract me.”
Leena hugged her “I know. I miss Myka too.”

Claudia was typing something on the computer, so she didn’t hear Leena approaching.
“How you doing?” Leena said, peeking from Claudia’s back. She jumped on her chair.
“Gee, Leena! Could you please make noises when you’re in the room? I hate your entrances a la Mrs. F., you scare the hell out of me!”
“Sorry! – Leena said – but I had an idea to solve your sleeping troubles!”
Claudia was interested “Go on.” She said.
“Well, if you knew the nature of your nightmares you could be aware of what is going on with your life. Realizing that could help you to face the problem and leaving it behind you.”
“I’m starting to understand where you want to get” Claudia half smiled.
“For a fortunate coincidence, I was giving a look at the artifacts we recollected from Warehouse 2, and this could help us.” Leena had a parchment in her hand.
“What is that?” Claudia asked.
“It’s Artemidorius Daldanius’s papyrus. He was one of the first diviners to deal with the dream world. He interpreted dreams for anyone who asked him to do so.
“Whoa. Like a vintage Sigmund Freud. And how does it work? I fear Artie could get angry if we use it.” Claudia took the ancient paper.
“I think you only need to write down something, the parchment will lead you. I guess. And Artie won’t notice. And even if he will, we’re doing this to help you.”
Leena handed a pencil to Claudia, who, reluctantly, started to write. Her hand was moving, she was writing in Ancient Greek. She started to lose her senses, and her pupils went white. She was in trance. In her mind Claudia was having visions of her nightmares, while her physical body started to speak out loud what she was seeing.
Claudia was in the Warehouse. Pete and Artie were there too, and they looked concerned. They were talking about shutting down the place. Leena was in a corner crying, Artie was turning off the machines, Pete didn’t say a word. “C’mon, guys! I know it’s a hard time, but we can do this. We can still go and hunt artifacts!” Claudia was screaming.
“You know it’s over, kiddo.” Artie said.
“Since the HG Wells thing, Myka leaving… it’s hard to go on. The Warehouse will start over with a brand new team. Fresh faces is all this place need.”
“But… but what about me? You can’t leave me! You’re my family!” Claudia cried.
“You should start to look for a new one.” Artie sighed, switching off the lights.
Claudia screamed. She realized Leena was shaking her. She was on the ground, the papyrus still on her desk. “What happened?” she asked.
“I woke you up. You were saying what you were seeing, and when I thought it was too much, I interrupted the connection.” Leena said.
“Yeah. I couldn’t bear one more second.” Claudia whispered.
“So you heard everything?”
“Everything – Leena replied – and I had thought your worries were about the Warehouse, but, honey, you can always count on us. In the remote possibility that this place close… well, we’re gonna stick together. You can’t get rid of us so easily.” Leena hugged Claudia.
“Thanks.” The girl whispered.
Leena patted her back “Everything’s gonna be okay.”
Tags: fanfic, tv shows
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