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Hello again, been busy. Done a photoshoot.

And today I remembered I had done a pro photoshoot about two months ago. Every time I end up writing something here it's always weird and out of the ordinary, but I guess it's what journals are supposed to be for = accounts of everything weird happening in your life.

Anyway, the thing is that lately it happened to me, more than once, to appear in short movies, not as the main character of course, since I've never acted before. Just little things here and there. Cue to the awesome Edgar Allan Poe picture someone took while I was filming.

[Edgar Allan Poe still.]

Then (cliché warning!) I visited a friend of mine on set. She was there as producer assistant, or something, for a full lenght movie, and they were filming near my university (where I actually was having lunch), so I dropped by to say hello. They were filming a scene, and the director called my friend. She went there, and after a while, she came back saying that the director asked her who I was, and that he liked me and wanted me to do something in the movie. There was this scene whit two janitors, pretty ordinary ones, and he added a third janitor (played by me) a bit mould-breaker. Anyway, I've got something like 2 minutes of screen time, but I learnt, afterwards, that people doing this kind of things, are paid something like 500 euros. In this case it was like a favour to this friend of mine, but then it occured me the idea of looking for this little "jobs" to raise a little something on my own, waiting for my big break (in the writing).

So I contacted an agency, suggested by this friend of mine already working on sets, and I registered there. I've got this sort of contract for one year, they've done this photoshoot, and they'll look for something to do for me. In exchange I gave them the 10% out of my earnings. Pretty honorable. Let's hope they're gonna call me soon, because I NEED MONEY. Let's hope also I never meet weird people wanting me to do... stuff. Because, ew.

Anyway, here's the (best) pictures. I don't really like them, I've got other pictures of me way better. But, still. It's their job, so, c'mon.

[Pretty Pictures!]
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Pretty Ravenna.

Just wanted to share even here my thoughts about Snow White and the Huntsman, that came out today here in Italy and, normally, I should have paid 8 euros, since it's a premiere, but I managed to spend just 5 euros, pretending to be still a student with my uni card that, somehow, will expire in 4 years. W00T me.

That'd be a translation from Italian of my stream of thoughts that I posted on the Corrs forum, so bear with me and my sudden changes of topics. And, of course, spoiler for anyone that has not seen it.

First half of the movie, mmm, okay. Second half, OMG WHAT IS THAT. The magic land in a very cheap cgi that reminded me the Teletubbies world, those fairies, the stag that blesses Snow, OMG HALP.

KStew. I don't get if she can act. I've just seen her in Twilight (let's skip this part), a B movie when she was like 13 and her mother was Sharon Stone, and this one. She has just this one face. Maybe in English she sounds better, she looks better, IDK, I've only seen her dubbed in Italian. IMHO, I think the dubbing saved her here, it looked like she's got this verve she didn't have. She also scared me when she was there, fighting, looking at Ravenna on her balcony, with her hair up and her ears in sight. OH GOD. D: And I was wondering, when exactly did she learn how to dance and how to fight, being always locked in that tower? *facepalm

I wanted a more detailed flashback for poor Ravenna. LET ME HOLD YOU BB. Charlize wins at life in this movie, word. Every now and then I whispered to my sister "I miss Ravenna, she's not appearing on screen, IT'S AGES, I'm pissed off".

lol, my sister: "Look, Lily Cole!" Me: "Nah, this is a redshirt lasting two minutes tops, I don't think Lily Cole would do anything like this." Credits: Greta - Lily Cole. WHUT. She started well, this girl. Then she did the mermaid without lines in Doctor Who, and now two minutes as a redshirt in SW&TH? Bah.

KStew'Snow is jinxed, anyway. She finds the horse on the beach, two seconds later he dies in shifting sands. She arrives in the village, and two hours later it's all flames, burnings and raping. Super-blessed-stag appears and in zero time has an arrow in his neck. She dances with the ginger dwarf and, hello arrow, nice to meet you! Holy crap. 

I hoped for a better and more epic confrontation between Snow and Ravenna. The queen spoke, but the other side was not decent enough. KStew just mumbled words, while trying to hit her with the sword. C'mon, even I could have hit her in a more classy way. Shut the fuck up KStew, let me kill Ravenna. I mean, no, I think I would have surrended on the spot to my queen, but still. <3

Of course I stayed alone in the cinema (with my sister), singing Breath of Life while the other people were leaving and I was all overexcited and jumping on my spot.

And now, shipper moment. Of course no declarations by the end of the movie. But she perfectly knew it was the Huntsman that had waken her up (I gathered that from the looks they exchanged on the beach, before the fights inside the castle) . And those glances at the end, at the coronation? We can hope for the better? <3
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The Hunger Games - Spoilery stream of thoughts till Mockingjay

I need to vent. Last night I finished reading Mockingjay, and I was too sad but also too flailing to get a proper sleep time, and I think I fell asleep crying or something. I left my laptop in my parents' bedroom and I started to send texts, but only two friends received them, because I haven't credit on my cell anymore. Fail.

Anyway, I didn't see it coming. It was a war, and I took for granted people had to die. I half-expected Katniss herself dying at the end. No. Instead Prim blew up. I mean, WHUT? And also at the end of the chapter, always with that cliffhanger style Suzanne Collins seems to adore. ASDJKFASDKJL. Katniss sacrificed her life right at the beginning to save Prim's, and then, BAM. Prim's dead anyway. I sort of get Katniss' catatonic state afterwards. She wanted to kill herself too, she had nothing else to live for. She had this feeling of guiltness for so many deaths, including the one she tried to avoid since the beginning. And I wonder if Suzanne Collins has mother issues, because I simply doesn't get Katniss and Prim's mother's behaviour. Does she have a name, anyway? We knew she had this breakdown after her husband's death and that Katniss has always blamed her for this. But both in book 2 and 3, we don't have a single scene of some sort of reconciliation between Katniss and her. They're never alone. And when Prim dies, she simply disappears. She works and leaves Katniss a letter. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? She's your only daughter now. She's all the family you have, and she's not just a random girl. She's been in the Hunger Games TWICE. She started a revolution and she saved a country, for you and your daughter. Leaving Katniss alone in that state = suicide sooner or later.

I was in a shock state since Prim's death till Katniss reached again District 12. The moment I had my personal breakdown was when Buttercup came back. I'm thinking again to that scene and my eyes are filling with tears. Oh god. And the scene had a replay when Peeta came back too, and she brought primroses for the garden. I was dead at the point. And the last sentence at the end of the book (excluding the Epilogue), killed me on the spot. REAL. IT'S REAL. YES. YES.

I know and understood what Manu said about the shipping and I perfectly know this Katniss/Peeta is more an unrequited love than a legendary love. I feel Katniss like a sort of Vampire Slayer status. She's alone and she couldn't fully trust or love another human being ever, especially after all she has lived. She already had decided no weddings/children, and she agreed to them after 15-20 years of relationship with Peeta. Peeta is the reason for her to continue her life. We always sense this sense of bitterness and sadness from Katniss, even at the end, even with the children. She'll never recover. And I'm not saying that with Gale would have been better. Probably the opposite. He was a total jerk, even if I appreciated a couple of things he said (like when he admits when he realized he loved Katniss). But how can you reject anyone bringing primroses to your door? That's it. No brainwashings nor sisters' deaths could ever divide those two. #TEARS #SOMEBODYHOLDME

Moment of personal smugness, probably shared with many others = I got Katniss was going to shoot Coin instead of Snow the moment she voted yes for another Hunger Games. GO KATNISS, GO. ANARCHY FOREVER. Thank god I haven't guessed that all I was reading was allucinations because I would've went berserk.

I feel like I want more. I wanted more mythology. I wanted to know what happened in the rest of the world in this dystopian future. We got that Panem is North America. What about Europe? They had other issues? Other versions of Hunger Games? They mentioned Rome and latin words once and I was flailing. I wanted to know more about the other Hunger Games and all the victors. I don't want to believe the last ones were the ones who voted at last. That would mean Tigris is dead and I liked her. We never had a glimpse of the trial for Katniss or the reactions of people at home while she was in the Hunger Games. I know the books are from Katniss POW but I can't help it. I WANT ALL THOSE THINGS.
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Meanwhile, in the Seven Kingdoms.

Today I finsihed A Clash of Kings on the train back to Rome, and I was all UGLY SOBBING at the last chapter, in front of all the other passengers. Well, who cares. For the first time (out of two, lol) I ended a GRRMartin book and THE FOLLOWING ONE IS NOT IN MY POSSESSION. D: I wanted to share a couple of thoughts, then I went to my uni website and found out the actual date of my graduation and I'm in a freeze/shock/shitless scare-state since then. As in, 30 minutes ago. Ahem, anyway, I'm gonna blabber something, maybe I'll distract myself, and I'll be able to fall asleep and not spend a whole night awake in agony. I am still free from devastating deaths foreseen by pookieandpookie. Except the last one. Oh, and now, everytime I listen to Flo's songs, I see music video of GoT. It's awesome. lol. Anyway. BULLET POINTS.

. Still not over the fact Dany had something like 5-6 chapters in the whole book! I'm wondering if in S2 they'll be able to cover her story in a decent number of episodes. I mean. What happens to her can be summarized in a span of 5 episodes...? That would mean no Dany for half season, and I'll probably die. Unless they tell her adventures in a very relaxed way (and let her spend like 3 episodes in the desert... GOD I HOPE NOT), or make little things up just for the telly = underline the Dany/Jorah thing, pwetty please? Or. They could start to tell things of her from Book 3, like they did with the last scene of Arya in GoT S1, when Yoren takes her and she has her hair cut, and meets Gendry and the others and she has to hide Needle. That's the first chapter of Book 2. Anyway, I loved her scene with the Maegi, where she had all those visions. AND THE SONG OF ICE AND FIRE ONE CREEPED ME OUT. LIKE A LOT. And Drogon kicked some Maegi ass like there's not tomorrow, oh yes. I didn't like the fact she put a price to one of her dragons, even if it's something that sounds impossible (one third of the ships of the world). If it's said, it means something, and I don't like it. I don't want the dragons being separeted, I want them well, alive, and in company of their mother and brothers. *sighs I enjoyed even the mission at the market, when Dany and Jorah pretended to fight prices with the merchant and in the meantime they were looking at their followers and whispering each other some super secret attack plan. IT WAS ALIAS ALL OVER AGAIN. I don't trust the new guys, anyway.

. ARYA STARK LORD OF HARRENHAL NOW. All the Weasel soup plan was one of the coolest thing of the book, and the fact everyone in the castle knew it was her who literally took the castle was even beyond awesome! :D I love how clever she is in not telling her true identity to the first Lord she meets, even if it's a northern one. AND JAQEN H'GHAR, OMG. Jaqen/Arya = BFF!! I want to know the use of the coin with those words (I don't want to believe the only purpose was distracting the guard to flee). Speaking of which, Arya is almost a proper knight now. She's brave and she's not afraid of killing someone if she had to. GO TO RIVERRUN HONEY, MAMA WAITS FOR YA. I'm glad Gendry and Hot Pie went with her, though. And I'm waiting for her reunion with Nymeria. I half expected the thing happening in this book, since she was near the place where she left her, and there were wolves riots all around.

. The last Sansa's chapters. THE LAST SANSA'S CHAPTERS *FLAILS. I think I want have sex with the one with her and Cersei locked inside the castle, while outside there were the fightings, and have children with it. OH GOD. DRUNK!CERSEI TREATHENING SANSA BECAUSE SHE PREFERS HAVING HEADS CHOPPED OFF THAN LOSING A WAR. And all those chats about periods, awkwaaaard. Poor Sansa. She wanted to set afire everything she stained with blood. And she was all YAY when Joffrey accepted Margaery as his new betrothed, but pretended to appear sad because Cersei didn't want his son to be mocked. LITTLE BIRD!!! God, THAT CHAPTER! When she found the Hound in her bed, THE SEXUAL TENSION WAS KILLING ME. There was more UST in that chapter than in all the meetings she had with Ser Dontos and all his stupid kisses, blah. I don't trust him either, though. I will sort of miss the tension between her and Cersei (becausa Sansa will run away, RIGHT?). The way they talked each other... argh. AND JOFFREY HURT BY THE IRON THRONE. LOLFOREVAH. And she cried for her mum later, ahah. SHURUP JOFF, LET YOUR GRANDPA RULE THE KINGDOM WHILE YOU'RE AWAY.

. I still can't hate Theon Greyjoy. I like him as a character, he's well written and he has an interesting backstory and characterization. I can relate to his desire of prove himself. He just wants to let his father sees how valiant and brave he is. The fact he's doing it totally wrong is another matter. :P He's one of the good guys, deep down. He has nightmares after taking Winterfell, c'mon guys. And he was to the point of yielding (I'm learning a lot of new words reading GRRMARTIN. Betrothed, yielding...) and join the Night Watch and then, BAM. All ruined because of Reek. OH GOD POOR RODRIK CASSEL. DDD: And I think I made some noise aloud when maester Luwin was hit with the spear in the back. GODS Y U SO CRUEL?? Anyway, I was scared for Theon's safety, and feared his death by the end of Book 2. His fate is currently unknown to me, so I'll see it soon-ish. I won't let him die without a meet with Robb. I want those two together again. And I want Robb to take Theon as his Queen in the Norf. This is the only slash couple I'll allow myself, okay? :P

. Bran, thank god you opened your third eye, at last. It was time, I was growing tired of your complainings about this and that. Meh. And now he can do it, he plays with it a little too much. Anyway, I cried reading the last chapter. Winterfell in ruins (but not destroyed, only broken. ALL MY CREYS.), the Starks divided, also the wolves. And the chat with dying maester Luwin in the godswood with Bran crying all his creys. BOO-OOH. SOMEONE HOLD ME.
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In a dark and stormy afternoon...

Ngggggggggggggggh. I'm halfway thtough the reading of A Clash of Kings and I feel already under pressure because I'll probably finish it before going back to Rome, and I won't read it on the train back. DDD: Random thoughts, possibly spoilers, the usual blah blah. I'm up to a Catelyn chapter when she was with Renly and Stannis trying to avoid war between them (unsuccesfully).

. I'm picturing Melisandre as Florence Welch, and she would have been perfect for the role. Too bad she's been already cast. "Bad" is just a way of saying something, since I've just imdbed the one who's gonna be actually her and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, SHE HOT.

. SANSA, Y U SO PERFECT. I love her chapters, I love her POV, and I ship her with the Hound, I don't care she feels disgust whenevr he's around, he's so in need of cuddles and she's a proper lady. GO AWAY STUPID FORMER KNIGHT, he's just using songs as example of their situation just to win Sansa's heart. Thank god Joffrey is always away playing with crossbows. Blah.

. Poor sweet Cersei. <3 My heart shrunk when she was with Tyrion in her bedchamber, and they were laughing because of Stannis attacking Renly instead of King's Landing. Tyrion thought something like "I wonder if this is the Cersei Jaime loves", because she was genuine, happy, lovable. Tyrion saw a glimpse, for a couple of seconds, of her true self, without the schemings, the plotting, the fear of losing everything.

. I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE ARE ONLY TWO DAENERYS CHAPTERS IN 400+ PAGES. I want to die. I died when she realized Jorah is in love with her, and she keeps killing me with her thoughts about the not-gonna-happen of the thing. AND SHE KEEPS KISSING HIM ON HIS CHEEKS. *dies inside endlessly.

. I loved the last chapter I read about the meeting between Renly and Stannis. They're so different and they'd be very different kings as well, even thouhg I'd prefer Renly, with all his "Squeeee, let's play some tournament! I've a big bright rainbow kingsguard and superfancy clothes! I offer my brother a peach while talking about murdering each other!". He's supercamp and I love him. xD Stannis is more boring and serious, and now he's got all this superserious new religion which looks like a bad and fanatic version of Catholicism.
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Look, an Apollo candybar!

Most recent comments by friends and a lot of thinking by me brought me to the conclusion that Once Upon A Time is more similar to Lost than we thought (or I thought). Of course all of this is spoiler till episode 1x07, so be careful to read more.

Putting aside all the clear references, like the whisky, the Apollo candybars, the number of Regina's house (108), all the structure of the series works exactly like the last season of Lost. We have flashsideways of the main characters, we know the they have another life (in this case in their past, in Lost in a very long future, through another post-death dimension) and they're not aware of the thing. The sheriff became aware of his past life the moment he kissed Emma = Lost! When did they know what was happening in the FS? The moment they felt love/fear of death.

Also. We sort of have centred episodes like in Lost. One episode = one fairytale/character. And what happened in the last episode? It was Huntsman/Sheriff-centric, AND HE DIED. Wonder where I've already seen this. :P And Emma. She sort of acts like Kate, always on the run, fear of falling in love with someone... They're not very alike, they're totally different, but Emma, somehow, reminds me of Kate.

Mindufckery thoughts of the night, I had to share this with someone.
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Hear me Roar!

Argh, I don't want to finish A Game of Thrones before my copy of A Clash of Kings arrives! It feels like a drug addiction, and I don't even remember when I felt this way for a book (series). I feel relieved because I still have a lot to read, with books of over 900 pages, on the other side I'm perplexed because I don't want to read anything else aside ASOIAF, and I still have a bunch of other books I bought ages ago and that are still untouched on my shelves. Guilty, but I don't care, because I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. It's odd that I started reading A Game of Thrones last september, and - meanwhile - I was busy with my graduation thesis. I finished to write it around the end of november, and till that day, I had struggled to reach page #300-something. In less than two weeks I almost finished AGOT, reading the other 500 pages in such a short time.

A couple of thoughts, obviously spoiler for anyone who didn't read book 1 of ASOIAF or didn't watch season 1 of Game of Thrones: I almost cried when they killed Eddard. It was weird reading about it from Arya's point of view (then from someone in the crowd) when we saw the scene both from her POV and from the "stage" in the tv show. It was almost like hearing Sansa screaming hysterically. And Sansa, oh, how I love her. I always enjoy reading her chapters, and at the end she's so kick-ass that it's impossible to do not love her. She has this way of mocking Joffrey that makes me giggle and feel proud at the same time. I really hope that she'll be the one that will kill off Joffrey (because he has to die sooner or later, I hope very soon), in some merciless way. I'm undecided between her and Cersei. That would be even more awesome. Been killed by his own mother. I really hope it's gonna be a woman. A woman has to take his life and he must beg on his knees, like that time when Arya won over him in the duel by the river. I hope that was some kind of foreshadowing of what could happen next. I'd be glad even if it's Arya to kill him. Okay, one thing is clear: I want Joffrey dead.

I'm pretty excited even for Daenerys. I've got this big plans in my mind for her, and I hope I won't be disappointed. She'll have three fucking dragons with her (still not read that part, since I think it's the last chapter?), and I hope she's gonna literally fly to the Seven Kingdoms like her Targaryen ancestors did when they conquered everything.
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Fringe 4x07 - Random thoughts.

I needed to vent this and Twitter isn't enough to express my joy. OMFG OLIVIA/LINCOLN IS CANON. I haven't felt this way for a ship since the Jacket days in Lost. You know, I used to ship Jack and Juliet back in season 3/4 of Lost, despite the fact I perfectly knew Jack and Kate were meant to be. I was aware I was rooting for the wrong couple, but the emotions that Jack and Juliet gave me were soooooo right, maybe even because I knew I was going to suffer for not seeing my ship actually happening.

... okay, we all know how I switched in a nanosecond from being Jacket to being Suliet. That Fray/Lost promo with You Found Me and all the fire arrows attack and the holding hands totally got me even before the proper beginning of season 5. Ahem, back in the Fringe topic.

They killed me on the spot with that scene in the diner at the beginning. Two poor desperate souls, wandering in the cold night of the city. The coffee. The talk. Olivia should have grab Lincoln's hands, but no, maybe too soon. The scene were Peter and Licoln were talking about Olivia = I was totally embarassed for them. It was like Kate and Juliet trying to avoid girl-talking-about-men (and with men I mean Jack and Sawyer, of course) when they were playing mechanics at Dharmaville in the 70s. PETER, DON'T EVENT RY TO TAKE THE HIPSTER AWAY FROM LEE. I HATE THOSE NEW SPECTACLES.

I want moar Fringe now. And I want moar Olivia/Lee. And I will be highly disappointed if, somehow, the Amberverse will be retconned, maybe just after Olivia and Lee get together. Just wait and see. My heart won't be capable to handle all of this.
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Trying to end the hiatus of this LJ writing about a weird dream I had last night. I was in London with the Scoobies, and I remember BhMh was wearing something very very girl-ish, like a pink summer dress. I was shocked and I mocked her. She was saying she had lost her suitcase at the airport and then I felt bad because of the mocking. The setting changed from London to some futuristic place and Claudia from Warehouse 13 was with us. I didn't remember the details, I just know we were on a sort of mission and we split up, too bad I don't know who my partner was. Anyway, I got caught by someone, and at the same time I had a whole vision of what was happening to Claudia, who was with a boy, and they were trying to save Ariosto's life (Italian poet from XV century), and I get that we were actually in a sort of steampunk-ish Renaissance past and not in the future. Ariosto was actually a woman in her 50s, and she was trying to suicide herself. The boy talked to her and he threw his teddy bear in shifting sands that were in front of him, just to communicate a notion I couldn't understand back then (and that I don't get even right now).